Considering what we now believe to be true about the nature of autistic persons, based on years of interaction with them and observation of them, we are in favor of eliminating terms such as "disabled", “disordered,” or“defective" in reference to autistic persons, while substituting “atypical” or the more currently popular "neurodiverse." NOTE: A wise person recently told us that when people read  or hear “different,” they think “inferior,” so we’re eliminating the word "different" in reference to autistic people.

We take strong exception to the prevailing concept that persons with autism should be "cured," and to the promotion of that concept through the media and through scientific institutions. It is insulting to persons with autism, as well as senseless; You "cure" cancer, arthritis and the like. (hopefully). You help those with autism. Furthermore, when differences from typical people are found in autistics' physiology, the conclusion that the autistics are the sick ones who must be made to be more like us if they are fortunate, is arrogant and wrong. Autistic people have not made our world as it is today; "typical" people have. This is something that deserves serious thought. Please do not let it go.

We favor any safe and harmless means that promise to help our persons with autism to feel and function better.

We believe that with autism, one should assume innate intelligence regardless of the behavior.

We intend to provide a platform for all persons with autism, and for those who care about them, who wish to express themselves with any communication techniques that they choose.

While we stand to improve the lives of autistic persons of all ages, we  strongly include the adult population. They are, in general, given short shrift in comparison to the help that today's children with autism receive. It's the common view that the adults, especially the non-verbal or inadequately verbal ones (this often applies as well to the under 21 year olds with verbal speech limitations ), are not going to progress much anyway, so why bother? Wrong! We are grateful that the children of today are receiving so much more than autistic children received years ago. However, the latter are now  adults who fell through the cracks. More the reason that they  too  deserve special consideration at this time. Anyone who has communicated with non-  verbal or  inadequately verbal autistic persons through alternative means of communication, to the extent that we have ( with literally hundreds of autistic persons, children and  adults,over the past  20 + years), know full well how highly intelligent and aware they are.  They are crying out to us to understand this and to help them appropriately. Their pleas must be heard!

We advocate and mandate that age appropriate and adequate communication methods be provided for each individual on the autism spectrum of any age, in their schools, day programs, and group homes, in whatever forms she or he needs in order to communicate adequately, be it verbal speech, alphabet boards, computers, writing, a combination of all the above, or other positive methods, subject to the approval of each individual or their parents/legal guardians.

We intend to make a real difference in the lives of persons with autism and their families! We recognize that it does not necessarily take an army of people, Herculean effort or access to colossal funding, to help change prevailing conditions and thinking. It does require some visionary people with hope, clarity, enthusiasm, focus, dedication, patience, acute senses of observation and desire to seek the truth.
We invite you to join us in any capacity, and welcome you!!

Please ask what you might do to help. From our hearts, we thank you.