Autism is Not A "Disease"

That concept is merely a manifestation of a misconception of difference and insistence on conformity

HAPPI  ACT INC.  A  NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION FOR AUTISM, formally established in 2002

IS DIFFERENT because we are devoted exclusively to autism communication, and to promoting a new concept of the nature of autism along with a positive attitude about it.

We understand that the full meaning of communication exceeds merely the verbal component of speaking and includes effective social interaction and connection with other people.  Therefore, the majority of persons on the autism spectrum, even those who speak very well verbally, require assistance with communication.

We maintain a positive Happi (happy) approach to autism while fully recognizing the difficulties that often occur in conjunction with it. We are committed to spreading that message.

Our Latest Event

Autistic And Proud

Saturday - October 21st
7 - 11 PM

Location: Blue Blinds Mansion, Smithtown Elks Lodge, 120 Edgewood Avenue

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Junella Chin, a world-renowned expert on Medical Marijuana treatments will discuss their benefits for Autism and various health conditions.

Live Music! featuring "The B Side Bandits"
Appetizers, Beer, Wine, Soda and Cash Bar
Raffles, Baskets of Cheer, 50/50
Education Talks and Videos
Something for everyone

$50 tax-deductible donation
All net proceeds will be donated to programs that assist autistic people to communicate.

Helping Autistic Persons Participate Independently All Communication Techniques

Considering what we now believe to be true about the nature of autistic persons, based on years of interaction with them and observation of them, we are in favor of eliminating terms such as “disabled”, “disordered,” or“defective” in reference to autistic persons, while substituting “atypical” or the more currently popular “neurodiverse.” NOTE: A wise person recently told us that when people read  or hear “different,” they think “inferior,” so we’re eliminating the word “different” in reference to autistic people.

We take strong exception to the prevailing concept that persons with autism should be “cured,” and to the promotion of that concept through the media and through scientific institutions. It is insulting to persons with autism, as well as senseless; You “cure” cancer, arthritis and the like. (hopefully). You help those with autism. Furthermore, when differences from typical people are found in autistics’ physiology, the conclusion that the autistics are the sick ones who must be made to be more like us if they are fortunate, is arrogant and wrong. Autistic people have not made our world as it is today; “typical” people have. This is something that deserves serious thought. Please do not let it go.

3.5 million

Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder

1 IN 68

children has an autism spectrum disorde

$236-262 billion

autism services annual cost to U.S. citizens

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To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others

Tony Robins

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